HLC Vietnam supply the mold prevention ecochip is food-grade products. It is 100% natural plant extracts made by means of nanotechnology. Without any chemical substances, it is the most powerful and effective mold prevention chip. which is in accordance with EU’s strictest requirement for environmental protection.


A. Food-grade printing ink, in line with environmental protection standards;
B. Moldproof factors are 100% natural plant extracts extracted from mustard, ginger, horseradish, pepper, garlic and grape seed;
C. Our mold prevention ecochip is divided into three layers. The first layer is an impermeable polyester film, the second layer is high-quality materials, and the third is the adhesive sticker. Moldproof factors are attached and locked to the first and second layers.

How to Use:

A. Take the mold prevention chip out of the aluminum foil bag and place it in the mold prevention box;
B. Place the mold prevention chips in the package, and immediately fasten it to ensure a better mold prevention effect.
C. Replace unused mold prevention chips in the aluminum foil bag and tighten the sealing strip. It is better to use out the whole bag as soon as possible upon opening.

Scope of Application:

The essential oil volatilized by our mold prevention ecochip could effectively prevent the growth of mold and pests in inclosed environments, applicable to the storage and transportation of leatherware, footwear, woodenware, garments, electronic components, optical equipment, machine parts, foodstuff, etc. without any residue.


5cm*5cm/tablet, 2000 tablets/roll and 16 rolls/box

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