Pallet cushion

Pallet cushion

Of all the hazards facing goods, shock and vibration during transportation cause the most serious and costly damage, amounting to millions of dollars each year. To solve that problem, we offer a simple and cost-effective solution - Pallet cushion.



- Prevent damage caused by shock and impact during transportation, limit strong impact to damage goods.

- Each cushion measures 6" in diameter and 2 7/8" in high. Easily mounted on pallet base with 5/16" bolts

- Helps increase the overall height to 4", suitable for any wooden crate or pallet. It creates a cushion because it is hollow inside, plastic and rubber outside. The shock absorber can slide on the floor easily.

- The product includes 5 different colors: orange, blue, yellow, green, brown. Each color represents different shock resistance.



- Eliminates damage from handling hazards while in transit

- Reduce costs related to shock and vibration damage occurs

- Protect the goods during loading and unloading

- Limits the need for expensive forklifts

- Fits almost all pallets in the world


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