Paper void fill

Paper void fill

As the cushioning market is maturing, more attention is given to costs-in-the-box. Paper void fill now offers a complete range of cushioning solutions with corresponding price points to serve every customer need.

The new Technology creates a more voluminous pad which enables perfect cushioning while less paper (quality) is needed.



The Paper void fill is developed for the medium/low cushioning segment. The possibility to run virgin as well as Paper recycled paper that create big volume pads, makes this converter very versatile. You can use the converter to protect fragile and less fragile items. For example companies that ship books and home accessories to prevent these items from damage by shifting in the box.


Save time & money

Increase throughput and lower cost for high volume box shipping operations



The converter fits both pack stations or end-of-line packing operations


Sustainable solution

100% recycled paper minimizes impact on the environment

Converter specifications

Dimensions: 100*56*130 cm

Speed: 30 m/min

Power: 350 W

Voltage: 110 / 220 V


How to use the machine

Paper specifications

Basis weight: 80 g/m2; 70 g/m2

Paper width: 70 cm

Paper length: 250 m / 350 m

Average roll weight: 14 kg / 17.5kg




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