PE Plastic Slip Sheet

PE Plastic Slip Sheet

Slip sheet is a load-bearing tool that replaces the various types of pallets with a less expensive, thinner, lighter and more environmentally friendly.



- Material :Virgin polyethylene(PE),

- Thickness:0.6-2.5mm; 1.5-2.5mm Internal warehouse turnover

- Color:White

-  Loading:1-2 Tons

- Recycle:100 -300 times,

- Usage:Chemical plastics fertilizer rice, flour, cement, beverage and other industries of large-scale storage material




Benefits of using Slip Sheets

- Reduce cost

+ Minimal storage space, 1000 slides = 1 m3 while 1000 wooden pallet = 7 m3

+ Cost Savings – Save $120 per 20-foot cabinet

- Lighter

Slip sheet weighs 1/20 as much as wooden pallets, reducing shipping costs.

- Recycle

No turnaround required; No material recycling required; No repairs and no damage

- Reduce rodent an insect infestion

Wooden pallets offer a home to insects and rodents. Slip sheets afford no such food or shelter to pests and critter.





The slip sheet is pushed or pulled by a special attachment called a Push-Pull, which can be easily added to any forklift truck. Push-Pull grips the Slip Sheet by the channeling, and so pulls the goods with the Slip Sheet under them onto stable forks, and moves it all to a container, where the goods and the slip sheet are quickly and
easily loaded.

Palletless handling can save on your employees’ energy expenditure, increase loading efficiency, and of course, most importantly, decrease your shipping costs.


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