VCI packaging film

VCI packaging film

Anticorrosive packaging film for metal protection, specially designed to preserve and protect steel and metals against rust and corrosion during transport and storage. 


VCI film series are a packaging material extruded and molded by PE resin and VCI resin, After the film is used to pack and seal the articles for antirust, VCI contained in the film begins to sublimate and volatilize the antirust gas factors which diffuse and penetrate into the surfaces of the articles for antirust and adhere on them to form a compact protection film with the thickness of monomolecular to avoid the surfaces of the articles for antirust in contact with all factors inducing corrosion, thus the corrosion is effectively prevented.

1.The film performs excellent gas phase and contact antirust function, with good antirust effects and high cost performance.
2.The film is clean, harmless and non-toxic, so it is safe to environment. It passes SGS certification and meets RoHS directives.
3.The articles for antirust may be used immediately with no need to be degreased and cleaned. Therefore, the film can save labor and time, improve work efficiency and save cost.
4.The film is transparent and aesthetic, so the articles for antirust are visible dynamically and easy to be identified.
5. The film is extensively applicable, and may be used for either single part or entire equipment.
6.The film is good in printability, which is helpful to improving the image and the grade of the articles for antirust.

Applicable Metals:
The VCI film is applicable to ferrous metal, alloy steel, cast iron, copper, brass, bronze, plated metal, zinc and its alloy, chrome and its alloy, cadmium and its alloy, nickel and its alloy, tin and its alloy, aluminum and its alloy, and other metal materials and their products.
Application Method:
1. Clean and dry the surfaces of the articles for antirust before packing. Then pack and seal them at normal temperature and room temperature. In case of packaging with oil contained, it shall be confirmed there are no chemical components such as S and Cl. contained in oils. Otherwise the chemical components will have negative effects on VCI function.
2. Operate with clean gloves before packing, and do not contact the articles for antirust with naked hands.
3. In case the articles for antirust have projections and edge angles, be careful not to pierce the film during packing. In case of its unintended breakage, it shall be pasted and sealed with a industrial tape in time to ensure its seal.
4. During performing antirust packing operation, the working place shall be kept away from strong corrosive materials and acid-etching gases such as acid or alcali.
Validity Period of Antirust:
Above two years (use according to required specifications)

Custody and Storage:
With sealed package, it shall be kept in a cool, dry place, away from sunshine and no contact with sources of ignition and corrosive materials. The quality guarantee period shall be 24 months from the date of delivery.
Product :Type:Folding bag ,Square bottom bag,Flat bag,Solid bag.

Specification and variety of products:

Appearance: Transparent film / various colors can be made

Patten: Double-layer co-extrusion polyethylene antirust film

Thickness: 0.05mm-0.2mm

Antirust period: More than 2 years

Product classification:
VCI film for Multimetal
VCI film for Ferrous.
VCI anti-static film.

Product Information:
1.The Multimetal VCI film(Ferrous and Nonferrous applicable)
The multimetal VCI film series products are produced by combining modern film technology and gas phase antirust(VCI)technology, and by blending, co-extrusion and blow molding of PE resin and VCI with special technology. The products are in accordance with the American Military Standard MIL-PRF-22019D. They have characteristics of transparent and intuitive, good diaphragming performance, long antirust period and easy operation, and are new antirust packaging materials that are economic and of environmental protection.
Applicable Metals:Alloy Steel,Copper and itds alloy,Galvanized steel ,Plated metal ,etc.
2.The VCI anti-static film

Product Information:
The VCI anti-static film is produced by special processing technology,which is combing modern high-tech gas phase antirust(VCI) technology and plastic blowing moulding technology,and anti-electrostatic technology. It can protect the mechanical components, especially electronic products from electrostatic damage, restrain the occurrence of corrosion.

It is applicable to the requirements for both untirust and anti-electrostastic . The VCI anti-static film is applied to the anti corrosion and anti electrostatic packaging of .the integrated circuit board,PCB,Communication equipment, electronic instruments etc.

Product features:
1、It has excellent gas phase and contact antirust performance, with more than 2 years of antirust period;
2、They are transparent and attractive; and it is easy to observe directly the state of the packaged articles;
3、Clean and safe to use, and can be recovered completely;
4、Strong sealing performance and good printing performance;
5、Easy to use, and can be used directly after seal removing;
6、Have certain waterproof and moisture-proof performance;
7、They have obvious antirust effect and have overcome the disadvantage of traditional method’s insufficient protection to the products. They are especially suitable for antirust packaging in metal parts processing, storage and transportation in trades such as military industry, machinery, automobile parts, electrician, and hardware, etc.;
8、Save labor, save time, save the cost, and have prominent comprehensive economic benefits.

Applicable field:
1. Spare parts of car and motorcycle
2. Mechanical spare parts, medical machinery, precision instrument, cast iron pieces and aviation parts;
3. Various hardware and powder metallurgy;
4. Various electric tools, measuring tools and cutting tools;
5. Various bearing, clutch, motor and valve;
6. Carbon steel, alloy steel, cast iron, steel phosphatization, steel nitridation, steel flange, powder metallurgy, orientation silicon steel, and non-orientation silicon steel, etc.

Operation method:
1. Artificial or machine enwinding enable that the protected metal products will be parceled completely to prevent water and gas entering;
2. Use volatile corrosion inhibiting materials correctly according to regulations of GB/T 14188
3. Guarantee cleanness and dryness of the metal material packaged;
4. Place the surface that contains corrosion inhibitor towards the mental package;
5. Guarantee the relative sealing performance after packaging.


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