Plastic Pallet

Plastic Pallet

Plastic pallets are an ideal alternative to wood pallets, which are vulnerable to breakage and tend to be cumbersome for employees and shipments. They have more advantages than wooden pallets that makes many companies use it replacing wooden pallet.


We supply many kinds of plastic pallet with various sizes


- Material: Primary plastic, HDPE

- Made in Viet Nam

- Color: Blue, black, yellow, red

- Basic size: 1100x1100mm, 1200x1000mm. We also offer other types of pallet with customized dimensions.

- Load capacity: 800kg-4000kg

- Weight: 7kg-24kg / pallet



- Structure flat, anti-slip, waterproof;

- Not being termite, moldy like wooden pallets

- Good bearing capacity, heat resistance;

- Easy to clean

- Can be used many times



The materials and structure of plastic pallets make them widely used in many industries such as:

- Food

- Medicine

- Printing, packaging, paper industry

- Heavy products such as beverages, auto parts, ...


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