Polyester webbing sling

Polyester webbing sling

Polyester webbing sling is also often referred to as a variety of names such as lifting strap/strop, belt sling, polyester lifting sling, flat sling, flat webb lifting sling and a belt webbing sling, woven slings, webbing slings to mention just a few. Webbing slings are constructed from hard wearing polyester that is resistant to oil, grease, and most acids, in addition, they will neither rot nor lose strength in water.



- 100% high tenacity polyester;

- Single ply or double ply;

- With reinforced lifting eyes

- Safety factor available: 5:1, 6:1, 7:1

- Length available:1meter to 10 meter

- Load capacity from 1-20 tons

- According to EN1492-1:2000



- Polyester Webbing Slings are much lighter and flexible so very easy to handle and rig.

- Polyester slings do not damage sensitive or delicate surface resulting in lower wastage.

- Polyester Webbiing Sling grips the load tighlty along the contourd of the load.

- Polyester Web Slings minimize the shock loading and can absorb heavy shocks withour any damage.

- Polyester Web Slings are colour coded for easy identification and thus chances of misuse are very less.

- Polyester Slings can be visually inspected quite easily thereby saving frequent inspection and proof load testing.

- Polyester Webbing Slings do not rust or corrode and so do not weaken the edge.

- Polyester Webbing Slings are quite easy to store as ther are flexible and light weight.

- Polyester Slings have a long serving life and low initial cost which makes it very cost effective.

- Consumables like grease or hand gloves are not required while using Polyester Web Slings thereby reducing the recurring cost.

- Polyester Webbing Slings have no electrical conductivity.



Polyester Webbing Slings are used for:

- Steel pipes, steel cables, steel plates.

- All kinds of products are made from copper, lead aluminum or steel.

- Sculptures and carvings.

- Different types of machines and spare parts.

- Products of cement, glass, rubber, wood, plastic, paper ...

- Types of stone blocks.

- Lifting and lowering ships, large objects




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