PE Stretch Film

PE Stretch Film

PE stretch film has superior stretch ability, outstanding re-stretch memory, good tensile strength, strong anti-puncture, tear resistant, clings to itself, provides firm protection, moisture-proof, water-proof, dust-proof,even thickness, excellent clarity.

It is frequently used to wrap, and it is ideal for bundling and unitizing a number of small, individual, irregular shaped items into larger loads.


Material: PE

Width: 250mm or 500 mm

Dimension of paper tube: 54mm (For manual) and 76 mm (for machine)

Package: 6 rolls/carton

G.W: 10-25 kg


PE stretch film is widely used in cargo pallet packing, such as electronics, building materials, the bottle cans, paper, hardware electrical appliances, plastic, agricaltural products, wine, beer industry.


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